Welcome to the best location-based task manager in the market. Simple Tasks is a task manager that provides you everything you need to organize your business and simplify your life. Just take a look to all exciting features and don’t miss anything.

Responsive, available anywhere at anytime

When you create your account you will get your own subdomain, i.e. mycompany.simple-tasks.com and this is you personal responsive app that is available from all devices.

Responsive app
Mobile ready

Create tasks and monitor execution

Save your daily stuff, appointments or meetings and review them anytime you want. Each of your tasks will be marked with different colours according to their status, that way you will easily understand which are finished and which are on progress. Do you need to duplicate a task or move it to another time interval? No need to create a new one, just drag and drop your task and you are done! Really simple, isn’t it?

Tasks in calendar

Do you also have some weekly meetings or monthly tasks you need to deal? Do you have those type of repetitive tasks? That's why we have created “Task Rule” feature for you. Just set the rule, define the location and that is it, Simple Tasks will automatically create your recurring tasks.

Task rules overview
Editing the task rule

Exclude weekends and holidays

You may need to skip holidays or weekends for your tasks. Don’t deal with them one by one, just save those dates as a list and Simple Tasks will take care of it!

Managing holidays
Setting reminders

Managing the people and locations

Simple Tasks is not only a simple task manager or a calendar, we know that you need a lot more and that is exactly what we are offering you. You are not alone, you have a family, friends, co-workers or team-mates, and this tool allows you, and people you are surrounded with, to manage and share your tasks amoung yourself easily at one place. That’s nice but not everything. If you have some tasks, then you have some connected locations, that may be your office, or an imaginary place like your weekly ToDo list. Then, why not also manage the locations?

People overview
Editing the person
Places overview
Editing the place

Collaborate and communicate

Do you work in a team or a company? If yes, it means you have some co-workers and team-mates. So, you know that clear and fluent communication makes an effective team! And the solution is here, no need to search more. You can send messages to your mates, or share your location with just a click. That’s also simple right? Because we believe in the power of simplicity.

Message wall
People on map

Share your location and find shortest route

Yes, that’s true, a task manager, which can be used as a map, a messaging channel and also allows you to use it as a handy navigation! Don’t you know the way to your meeting point? Just open the map, choose the navigation mode and here it is, the shortest route to your target location!

Message wall
People on map

Get notified by timely reminder

Do you have an intensive work tempo and tendency to forget some upcoming meetings or tasks? Of course you can’t keep everything in your mind, that’s why we implemented a reminder function into our amazing tool. Just set the time while saving your task and get timely notified with e-mail and SMS! Invite your team-mates to join you.

Task notification
Reveal location

That’s all awesome isn’t it? So why not join us and let us ease your life?