Simplify your life
This is for your team - manage all tasks with ease, add team members and customers, define the location and set up email/SMS reminders. Try now for free!

Who is it for?

  • Business owner     Manage tasks of collaborators and employees and get automated reminders for you and them.
  • Professionals (lawyers, dentists, hairdressers, beauty salons)     Use as appointment app to manage all tasks among your team.
  • Event organizer     Manage tasks on multiple locations and have an overview of people involved at each event.
  • Real estate agency     Manage your real estate agents and their customers at one place.
  • Tourist agency     Have control over locations and movements of your guided groups and your guides.
  • Sales manager     Manage your salesmen and optimize their business trips so they don't forget anything.

About Simple Tasks

We made Simple Tasks because there was nothing out there that would suit our needs: management of recurring tasks with timely reminders. Also, there was no simple app on the market, that would allow connecting tasks not only with date, but also with locations and present/missing collaborators.

Time management has become essential. Technology tends to speed up our productivity, but it also creates a mess and makes us forget important tasks. Simple Tasks is a helpful tool for when we don't want to waste our time by constantly checking our agendas and a myriad of shared and private calendars.

Any questions?

We are always ready to help and opened for new business proposals.