Why was this product created?

How this product came about and a few words about us.

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We age and forget

We receive a lot of messages every day (by phone, e-mail, via social networks, ...) and we can forget things if we do not record them immediately. Use our system to quickly record all matters and to be notified in a timely manner by the system before they are implemented.

Documents must be arranged

Don’t allow yourself to waste too much time editing and issuing important documents, especially those based on which you receive monthly payments. Manage invoices, travel orders and contracts in an organized way.

How do I stand with my investments?

You have invested part of your savings in investments with various providers (ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ...) and you are interested in the current state of everything (how much you are in the plus or minus and how much you have invested so far, and the current value of this). This is made possible by our investment portfolio editor.

I want better control in the company

When you have more than 5 employees, it already turns out to be a problem with keeping track of all the things going on in the company. We offer you a system for managing projects and tasks on them and you will have an overview of which employees work on delegated tasks and how the implementation takes place.

Time optimization for frequent tasks

In order not to retype text from scanned documents, we offer you an OCR tool for detecting text from images. In addition, the latest exchange rate, verification of the company's VAT number and IBAN transaction account are available to you. You also have a calculator of return on investment, and current prices of motor fuels in your vicinity.

Contact organizer

Organize a directory of your breaks and key contacts in an easy way and keep them in one place. You can export them to Excel, or import them from Excel and avoid multiple entries of the same contact information, and the possibility of errors.

Need an IT solution for your business?

We have many years of experience in creating custom software solutions and integrating with your existing solutions. Definitely the goal is to make a solution that will save you time on repetitive processing and if the matter can be automated, we can help you.

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